About Walmaine

The farm Walmaine is owned by proud Namibians Walter and Charmaine Kinnear. We have been married for 24 years. We are a nature loving family and our four children Walter Jnr., Charnè, Charicia and Denzil all contribute to our dream to conserve and protect wildlife.

High on the conservation list are the White Rhinos that are currently on Walmaine. We are excited and awaiting the arrival of three baby Rhinos as three of the cows are about to calf.

We purchased the farm Yakandandah no. 77 on 28 February 2002 and renamed it Walmaine. The name is a collaboration of the names Walter and Charmaine. We purchased another farm Kainas on 15 December 2012 that was incorporated with Walmaine. Together these two farms cover 17 000 hectare. Walmaine farming and Walmaine Exotic Game Breeders has its home on this piece of Namibian land.

Since 2008 we started intensive exotic game breeding, which include Saddle back Impala, Black Impala, Blackface Impala, Golden Oryx, Golden Gnu, Roan, Sable, Copper Springbok, Lechwe and Nyala. More information about these breeds under Game. Our main goal here at Walmaine is to protect and enhance the existence of these and other species together with wildlife conservation organizations and veterinarians.

Walmaine is owners to a newly established Friesian Stud.

Today the Kinnears run this farm with passion and dedication. Without our team of helpers none of this beautiful farm would be possible. Walmaine supports the Black Economic Empowerment programme launched by the South African government. Worker's skills are developed through what they are taught on the farm. All the employee's children attend school thanks to the contribution of school fees by Walmaine.

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